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Buy tickets today to the Broadway shows "Rent" and "Fiddler on the Roof," as well as a variety of other musicals, concerts and other events at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts. The Coral Springs Center will have some memorable options this weekend with the opening of the new Broadway show Rent and Fiddler's Roof on Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, April 1.

On average, attending one of these shows at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts costs $150. With a team that regularly includes some of the best performers in the Coral SPA, local talent is regularly showcased.

TicketSmarter has the option to receive a valid ticket for any event within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket to the Coral Springs Center for the Arts.

To apply for Florida Medicaid, including managed long-term care programs, visit the Coral Springs Center for the Arts or call 866-762-2237 to apply. Learn more about assisted living and the available support programs.

To qualify for Florida Medicaid in Coral Springs, including married couples applying together, contact the Center for the Arts at 866-762-2237 for more information. To prove that they were and are eligible to apply for OSS and other long-term care programs in the State of Florida, Coral Springs residents can qualify for the O SS by proving their ability to have a valid driver's license, Social Security number and income.

Assuming 44 hours a week, the average cost of home care in Tallahassee is more than $1,000 less than Coral Springs, at $3,337 a month. The cost of a nursing home in Coral Springs is about $2,500 a month lower than in Tallahassee, while the average cost in Cape Coral is $400 lower than in Coral Springs. Average care home costs were $900 lower in Miami-Dade County and $500 higher in Broward County than in Florida, with average care costs more than $4,300 lower in Palm Beach County and $5,200 lower in Fort Lauderdale-Palm Springs.

Port St. Lucie had an average cost of $1,517 in 2014, about $200 less than the federal average, according to Florida Department of Health data.

The cost of most aged care services was below the median in the state, although the cost varied widely. Jacksonville residents paid a staggering $1,500 less a month, while Orlando residents received about $500 less. Orlando and Tallahassee had the second and highest average cost of health care for seniors in 2014, at $1,300 and $2,406, respectively, according to Florida Department of Health data. The city of St. Lucie, with a population of about 1.5 million, had an average cost for seniors of $3,000, or $200 less than Florida's median.

In Cape Coral, the average monthly cost of home care was $3,909, and in Tallahassee, it was just behind Jacksonville at $4,339 a month. Jacksonville had the second highest average cost of assisted living in the state, at $2,500, while the median price of assisted living in St. Lucie County, with a population of about $1.5 million, was $150 lower than the median price in Florida, at about $3,350 per month, according to Florida Department of Health data. Home care services were cheaper than adult day care, which cost $1,200, or $200 less a year, than the median in Florida. The average annual cost of home care - care for seniors in Jacksonville, Fla., and Jacksonville Beach, Fla., was more than $3, $480, in 2014, as was the annual average of $5,000 for adult care and $6,800 for elderly care in Tampa Bay and Tampa County.

The higher education is offered in partnership with Coral Springs Charter School, and the school, which has a population of about 1.5 million, has more than 1,000 students in its four-year program, according to its website.

The school is not in Coral Springs, but parts of the city are within its catchment area. The school, which is part of a partnership between the University of South Florida and Florida Atlantic University, was recognized as a five-star school in 2017 by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Schools (AFSCME) and the US Department of Education's National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), and also received an assessment from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCEP), the largest educational research and education organization in the country.

Coral Springs borders Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County. On its northern and western edges, State Road 869 borders the Sawgrass Expressway in the city, and on the eastern edge, Coral Springs International Airport and the University of South Florida campus border the Florida Atlantic University campus to the east and Florida International University on both sides.

The closest passenger airport to Coral Springs is Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport, which is located 43 km southeast. First Data and Alliance Entertainment are among the largest companies to have offices in the Corporate Park in Coral Springs. The park houses 17 buildings, including offices, retail and office space, a hotel and a variety of restaurants, bars, hotels, restaurants and retail stores. Although there is no direct connection to Miami-Dade County, Broward County or Palm Beach County airports, Coral Springs is home to one of the busiest airports in the state of Florida and the second largest airport in Florida.

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